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 J á v e a     Jewel of the Costa Blanca 




From north to south, the capes of San Antonio, San Martín, Negre and La Nao crown the coastline, creating a series of secluded coves blanketed with white, sun-bleached gravel.

You can choose between the busy beach of El Arenal, in the centre of the bay, or the quiet Granadella cove, ideal for scuba diving or snorkelling; commune with the elements on the nudist beach of Ambolo, or discover the secrets of the Pope o Tangó, Barraca, Falsía and Caleta coves…The gentle waves separate the coast from the picturesque islands of Portichol and Descubridor out to sea.

The town

Medieval echoes resound throughout the ancient town centre, which gas been largely conserved down through the centuries. White house fronts adorned with wrought iron grilles and Gothic style windows provide a noble touch to the labyrinth of streets and diminutive plazas. The Gothic fortified church of San Bartolomé dates from the 15th century and is listed as national artistic monument. In the Archiologic and Ethnographic Museum, occupying a nearby Gothic palace, you can see some of the material remains of Jávea’s history.


jav sport

Jávea has one of the most attractive sea ports along the Mediterranean, due both to its location and to its installations. The modern Nautical Club at the sports marina has 297 berths and facilities for all water sports: sailing, fishing, nautical supplies, scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, etc. 


A benign climate, a fertile land and a beautiful sea seem to have worked wonders on local characters. People in Jávea are easy- going, open-hearted and hospitable, and locals seem to have time enough for work without forsaking their leisure and festivities. From September 1st to 8th the patroness Our Lady of Loreto is the object of devotion. On Midsummer Night, the entire town is bathed in fireworks and colour to welcome the summer with the Fogueres de Sant Joan, and the second fortnight of July is another occasion for feasting, dancing and parading to the strains of gunpowder and music with the feast of the Moors and Christians...


Rice dishes, serving as the basis for midday meals, come in a wide variety
of styles: arroz al horno (oven-baked rice), arroz con costra(topped with a “crust” of omelette), arròsjav kueche amb fesols i naps (with beans and turnips), and the famous local arròs a la marinera(fisherman’s rice).


What to do? 

See some beautiful panoramas over the Mediterranean from the pine trees crowning the cliffs of the capes of San Antonio and La Nao. Sailors will want to comb the coast and let down the anchor in a quiet, scenic cove to have a refreshing swim. 

At sundown, it’s time to visit the Lonja del Pescado, the fish exchange, and see a traditional auction, or enjoy the refreshing sea breeze at a terrace café along the beach.



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