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 T o r r e v i e j a    Salt and Sea


Monuments and culture

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In Roman times, this area was well-known for its outstanding port, the remains of which can still be seen in La Mata, called the embarcadero romano, or Roman docks. Along the coast are the ancient watchtowers called El Moroand La Mata, used in the Middle Ages to warn the coastal inhabitants of attacks by Barbary pirates.

Among the town monuments is the Archpriest’s Church of the Immaculate Conception, from the turn of the century, the masonry bridge of the Acequión and the Modernist Casino, with an original Neo-Mudejar salon where numerous cultural activities are staged.


Torrevieja’s festive calendar starts in February with the happy sounds of the Carnival heralding en the Spring. Then come the solemn Holy Week processions up and down the streets of the town. In the month of May, in the Real de la Feria, Torreviejans dance sevillanas, taste the finest sherries from the South, and enjoy riding on horseback. In summer, there are outdoor parties and processions, especially on 16 July, the feast day of Our Lady of Carmelo, the patron saint of sailors, with a traditional sea-and -land procession.

Cuisine and crafstmanship

The taste of the sea is reflected anew in local gastronomy, which makes ample use of fish and seafood, in combination with produce from local market gardens.The most characteristic feature of local craftsmanship are the models of the boats used to transport salt in the marshes. Boat builders take their creations to the edge of the salt flats, where they are left to collect he bright glaze of the local salt, before being offered as souvenirs.


Torrevieja has a superb line-up for sports lovers, especially for people interested in marine sports. The Royal
Nautical Club and the Internationaltor sport Sports Marina offer over 1500 berths for seafarers, with a complete range of services for sailing, yachting and diving.

What to do?

Take a medicinal bath in the waters of the lagoon, which gave curative properties especially recommended for heart troubles, rheumatism or respiratory ailments.

Visit the most important salt works in Europe and see one of the most outstanding natural water preserves in the Land of Valencia.

Stroll round the Street Market held every Friday morning and see what there is to buy. In the evening,
you can view the market stalls for local tor zeitvercraftsmanship near the Port.

During the day, enjoy the sea and the sun along the beautiful beaches near the town. Night-time is the right time for enjoying local discos, pubs and cafés.

Visit the Holy Week Museum Tomás Valcárcel or the Museum of the Salt and Sea.

Participate in the numerous festivals held in Torrevieja.



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