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If there is one characteristic common to all 415 popular feasts held along the Costa Blanca, it is their capacity to attract both locals and visitors, while encouraging everyone to join in on the fun. The fiestas of the Moors and Christians, where thousands of people in a variety of towns throughout the land commemorate their Arab roots, is perhaps the most popular festivity along the Costa Blanca. Alcoi is undoubtedly the capital of the Moors and Christians. If you’re here in the month of April, you’ll be able to enjoy these spectacular festivities in honour of Sant Jordi, or St George. Nearby Biar holds its feast in May, adding a peculiar mock-Mohammed called ”la Mahoma” to its processions.




The midnight parades of Villena in September and the landing of Moorish ships on the beach of La Vila Joiosa in July, along with celebrations in the San Blas barrio of Alicante, are examples of the variety of feasts held in over fifty different towns celebrating these fiestas throughout the year. With the arrival of June and the coming of the summer solstice, bonfires become the keynote of local feasts. The bonfires called les fogueres de Sant Joan are the best known fire feasts along the Costa Blanca.


During this time, the city of Alicante and other municipalities in the province take on a new look as they construct and assemble dozens of satirical, colourful papier-mâché monuments in the streets. Fireworks and bonfires then consume these effigies on the night of St. John, and thousands upon thousands of lanterns and lamps, festival clubhouses called barracas and processions convert of light, joy and merrymaking. Another important festivity is held in the town of Elx, with the representation of the Misteri, a sacro-liturgical drama held in the interior of the church of Santa María. But there are many more than just three festive occasions in the Costa Blanca.






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