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You’re sure to have heard about the benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine. It is now known as one of the healthiest diets invented by man, nutritionally well-balanced, savoury and based on quality ingredients. This is certainly a good description of the kind of gastronomy awaiting you on the Costa Blanca. An arròs a banda along the coast is a fish dish, yet in the mountains of the hinterland it’s flavoured with rabbit and snails. Dry, oven-baked rice dishes are also popular, such as arroz con costra, baked with an egg crust.




The famous paella takes innumerable forms, and yet there are also many kinds of rice stews, and even rice desserts. And to complement many rices, there is a wide variety of fish from the Mediterranean -gilthead (dorada) and sea-bass (lubina) baked in salt, rock-dwelling red mullets (salmonetes), whiting (pescadilla) from the bays, and many varieties of shellfish…There is no doubt at all that the sea is one of the Costa Blanca’s largest food suppliers. But the cuisine of the Costa Blanca does not end here.There are sweet, nougat-like turrones, made from local almonds, and artisan ice-creams in Xixona, wines from the Monóvar district, etc.







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