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Museums & Conuments

The Costa Blanca is not exactly famous for its monuments, but if you’re interested in art, you’ll find quite a lot of sightseeing to do and a complete network of museums, some of which fall in a category of their own. The town of Orihuela in the south is a historic and monumental site in itself, which, from the cloisters of Santo Domingo to the place of Rubalcaba, provides a view of both religious and civil architecture in a variety of styles from Gothic to Renaissance.




Further inland, you’ll see watchtowers and castles looming up on every horizon, as these frontier areas were well protected in the Middle Ages by the lords of each fiefdom. Agost, Biar, Castalla, Petrer, Villena and others still preserve fortresses as their municipal emblems, sitting atop hills and peaks sheltering the settlements located at their feet. But if yor want to investigate the depths of Iberian and Ibero-Roman art, you’ll find the archeological site and museum of L’Alcudia d’Elx highly edifying, with the world’s most important collection of this style of art, which produced the remarkable stone bust of the ”Dama de Elche”.

As you travel about, you’ll find a wide range of museums throughout the Costa Blanca region: specialized museums dedicated to artists such as Mariano Benlliure in Crevillente; creative exhibits at the Modernist Museum of Novelda; an autochthonous pottery museum in Agost; and others dedicated to new art trends such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Elche or the Municipal Museum ”Casa Asegurada” in Alicante.





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