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LA l f à s  d e l  P i       An InternationalTown




In an area of only 19 km², L’Alfàs del Pi is capable of offering all the attractions of nature, combining coastal landscapes and mountain scenery, with the ubiquitous Mediterranean pine providing shade and decoration, now converted into a symbol of the town, as its name suggests (pi, in the Valencian vernacular means “pine”).


Cultural activities

L’Alfàs del Pi enjoys an intense cultural life, strengthened by its Casa de la Cultura which offers a full range of facilities and services on an area of 4.000 m²: auditorium, radio and television studios, library, exhibition rooms, classrooms, workshops, etc. it is also the site for activities such as a Film Festival (first week of July), a Jazz Festival (October), chamber music concerts and band concerts, painting and sculpture exhibits, training courses and other cultural and teaching activities addressed to either town residents or visiting tourists.


Festivities and traditions

L'Alfàs del Pi has maintained its popular festivities down through the years. It is in autumn when the most important fiesta is held, the “Most Holy Christ of the Wise Choice”, from 7 to 10 November, with parades, processions and floats. During the first week of May the fiestas of the Creueta (little cross) are held, and there is also a Summer Feast during the first fortnight of  August.



L’Alfàs del Pi has been a crossroads for different races and cultures, a place where people of different origins have mixed and mingled. An important archaeological discovery was made near the beach of Albir testifying to the presence of the Romans on these shores.


All of the above attractions, plus a special micro climate throughout the entire year, have made l’Alfàs del Pi a veritable paradise for tourists from both Spain and abroad, many of whom gave decided to settle here.


Of the current population of 11.000, around 6.000 have come from abroad, giving rise to Norwegian, Dutch, German and British “colonies”.

In addition, L’Alfàs del Pi gas a long history of family tourism, providing a wide range of leisure opportunities for the entire family in the realms of both culture and sports.


What to do?

Spend a relaxing day on the Albir beach and enjoy a healthy swim. If you feel adventurous, hike along thealfas3

footpaths of the Sierra Helada and see breathtaking views of cliffs 400 meters high while enjoying the plants and flowers that grow on the mountain slopes.

On a Friday see the bustling open-air market. See a play, a rock concert, a jazz session or some chamber music at the Casa de Cultura. See a film next to your favourite actor during the Film Festival of L’Alfàs del Pi.


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