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Benidorm's beaches need no introduction. They are included in the world's top class and have received international awards for the quality of their water, the cleanliness of the sand and the range of services provided. The p!aya de Levante, bustling and exciting, is the city's showcase. A walk along its two-kilometre lenght, either on the sand itself or along the promenade, offers excitement at every step: two Italians introducing themselves to a group of Swedish girls; some Englishmen challenging a group of Spaniards to a ball game; three French girls trying to tell a man from Madrid where to meet tonight. And more of the same, every few steps along the way.



From night to day

The Benidorm scene dees not depend of the time of year when you come, but on the hour of the day or night when you decide to go out. You can find as many different kinds of night and day spots as there are different tastes among visitors to the town. Spanish tascas, English pubs, French cafés, German beer parlours and all kinds of bars open their deors until late at night. Then the lights of the macrodiscos and the clubs come on. Youthful disco-bars and salons especially conceived for the elderly, crowded pubs along the Levante beach and quiet spots in the old town centre...

beni nachtThey're all yours at reasonable prices. In January as in August, you'll find the same kind of company and the same entertainment scene. And also the same night-long style of living. Age is no problem either, as Benidorm is well stocked with opportunities and entertainment for everyone. Its cafds with live orchestras starting up before noon are now famous as well as the Casino.




Benidorm may well be able to state with pride that it has the most festivities of any one city in the world, as local inhabitants not only celebrate their own (which are certainly numerous), but also enjoy regional, national and international occasions thanks to all its visitors. The first fiestas of the year come with the Carnival in February, followed by The Fallas de San José in March. Moors and Christians and the Hogueras de San Juan, the Day of Andalusia, the Day of Asturias, the Fiestas de San Isidro, and the Verbena de la Paloma, the Fiestas del Carmen, the festivity of Santa Cecilia...

Cultural activities

Open-air concerts and theatrical performances constitute one of the major cultural attractions in Benidorm, particularly since the inauguration of the park of L’Aigüerain which Ricardo Bofill designed an amphitheatre which is now the pride of the town. But perhaps even more important are the International Courses of Benidorm organized by the University of Alicante at the end of each summer.


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Three hundred private swimming pools, a range of tennis courts, facilities for horse-riding, cycling, skating, bowling, water-skiing, sailing, rowing, scuba diving, gymnastics and athletics are part of the sports spectrum offered by the city. But just a few kilometres away, you can also enjoy a game of golf, drive go-karts or fly an ultralight aircraft, too.


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