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If you want, our experts take care of the purchase and all necessities so that your
new property purchase is 100% safe and legal.
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Here you find all Bargains Properties in La Marina and  surroundings... no comission

If you want, our experts take care of the purchase and all necessities so that your 
new property purchase is 100% safe, legal and without surprises


In deals with properties must be paid the following extra:

1. Segunda Occupacion =

The architect have to make a smal project about your house and present at the town hall, so if this house

have any building withou legal permission ( less than 4 years old), you have to order the legalication of the this new building,

then you need a 2. Boletin ( Certificate) from the Electrican to geth electric and water connection

Price from our certificate electric company

150-250 Euros + Tax

Prices from our architect:

Segunda Occupacion aprox. 250-350 Euros incl.Tax

Legalizaccion aprox. 250-350 Euros incl. Tax


Since 1. of june 2103 
It is mandatory to submit the 3. Energy Performance Certificate for sales and rentals


Our Architect make this Certificate for between 150 and 300 Euros Tax incl.


If you have any questions, please come in to our office we help you for free


70% of buyers of properties wants to make reforms or extensions

we recomment this companies who works since 15 years here in La Marina

Service, Quality and min. 3 years written warranty and all building 100% legal

General Construction

Celine Construction Power S.L

Outside decorating and all kinds of plastering

Celine Decorating Power

Photovoltaic ( Eletricity with Solar ) now with the best prices at the Costa Blanca

Celine Solar Power

Worldwide the best Infrared heaters, lowest consumption at the best european price

Celine Infrapower

If you prefer other privat person or "builder", be carefull, we have a load of "Cowboys" here

more then oficial construction companies

If you want we check it out for you.

We wish you good luck with your new property

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