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Celine Infra-Power Infrared Heating

Contact Person: Reinhard Schaeppi
Street: Plaza Sierra Castilla 33
Postcode: 03177
City: San Fulgencio
Country: Spain

Our Roots Are In Europe, Our Market Is The World

INFRAPOWER manufactures and distributes infrared panels working at highest efficiency. Guided by the belief that infrared is the most efficient and therefore energy and resource saving way of heating, INFRAPOWER developed in cooperation with German technicians, technologies and production processes in order to serve the increasing demand for this new way of heating.


Essential For A Comfortable And Healthy Indoor Climate

INFRAPOWER infrared-heaters promote a dust- and bacteria-free air, preventing the unpleasant dry breeze
of convection heating. They keep the masonry work free of mold and operate completely silent. The temperature
is evenly spread throughout the room. No more cold feet and hot heads.





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