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Protecnicos Gonzalez Espinosa

Street: Avda. Vega Baja nº 40 Rojales
Postcode: 03170
City: Alicante
Country: Spain
Phone: 966 713 198

Normally customers when they decide to make a work or renovation resort in the first instance to a builder or bricklayer.

We must know that whenever we want a reform or work on a home or business we must first go to an architect to study the desired project and customer needs in order to obtain the corresponding municipal licenses.

We Be mindful that the absence of the corresponding municipal licenses may result in a sanction planning by the municipality.

We must also take into account that each municipality can have a different ordinances and planning regulations, hence, the importance of working or hire an architect to make us this report or previous study of the work that we perform.

From Protécnicos we inform you and give comprehensive advice for managing your works.

González Espinosa Protécnicos SLP is an architectural firm in the province of Alicante dedicated to the development and management of projects Architectural and Engineering Building. Our mission is to design and Develop your dreams and real estate investments.


Located in: Architect | Construction



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